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Japanese (日本の)

The content of this course includes pronunciation, speaking skills, listening practice, and reading and writing. Upon completion of this course, students should have acquired essential grammar, a basic vocabulary, Hiragana, Katakana and some basic Kanji, and be able to use Japanese to communicate in everyday simple and practical situations. The focus is on situations directly related to the student’s activities and surrounding environment. This course also includes extracurricular activities aimed at deepening the participants’ understanding of Japanese society and culture.

Our Japanese Class

Basic Class
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Intermediate Class
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Upp Intermediate
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Basic Class

in the basic class participants will learn material including Bunpou 1 (grammar), Kanji 1, Choukai 1 (listening), Kaiwa 1 (speaking)

Intermediate Class

In the basic class participants will learn material including Bunpou 2 (grammar), Kanji 2, Choukai 2 (listening), Kaiwa 2 (speaking), Sakubun 1 (Writing)

Upp Intermediate Class

In the intermediate class, participants will study material including Bunpo N3 (grammar), Kanji 3, Choukai 3 (listening), Kaiwa 3 (speaking), Sakubun 2 (Writing), Dokkai

Advanced Class

In the Advanced class participants will learn material including Bunpou 4 (grammar), Kanji 4, Choukai 4 (listening), Kaiwa 4 (speaking), Sakubun 3 (Writing), Dokkai 2, Translation