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Deustch (German)

German, one of the world’s most influential languages, has millions of native speakers and learning this West Germanic language is not as tricky as you might think. This free online course will simplify the learning process to aid your understanding. We begin with the German alphabet and then move on to greeting expressions, manners and basic vocabulary such as colours, numbers, family members and so on. Sign up for this fun and engaging course.

German Program

Our German Language Class is designed for students of all proficiency levels, from complete beginners to advanced levels. Our instructors will guide you through key aspects of the German language, including vocabulary, grammar, everyday conversation, and German culture.

We offer an inclusive and supportive learning environment where you can practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing in German with confidence. With interactive teaching methods and engaging learning materials, we ensure that every student makes significant progress in mastering the German language.

Whether you’re interested in working, studying, or traveling to German-speaking countries, our class will help you achieve your goals with confidence and solid language skills. Let’s start your journey in learning German with us!

  1. International Career Opportunities: Mastering the German language will open up wide-ranging career opportunities in international companies and multinational institutions.

  2. Rich Cultural Perspective: Learning German also means exploring the rich cultural heritage of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

  3. Access to Academic Resources: Much scientific literature and important academic resources are available in the German language, and understanding this language will give you direct access to such knowledge.

  4. Intercultural Connections: Mastering the German language allows you to connect with millions of native speakers worldwide and expand your network globally.

PROGRAM LEVEL Intensivkurs

German Class

Level A1

The A1 level marks the beginning of your journey in learning German. At this level, you will learn the basics of the German language, including basic vocabulary, simple grammar, and common phrases for everyday communication. You will learn to introduce yourself, inquire about personal information, and engage in short conversations with the guidance of an instructor. The main goal of the A1 level is to build a strong foundation in the German language and gain confidence in speaking and understanding the language in simple contexts.

Level A2

The A2 level is a continuation of the beginner level in learning German. At this level, you will expand your knowledge of German vocabulary and grammar, as well as improve your ability to communicate in everyday situations. You will learn to talk about more complex topics such as family, work, hobbies, and travel. Additionally, you will start to introduce more complex sentence structures and deepen your understanding of German culture. The main goal of the A2 level is to develop speaking and understanding skills in German in broader and more varied contexts.

Level B1

The B1 level marks the intermediate stage in your journey in learning German. At this level, you will focus on further developing your communication skills in the German language across various contexts. You will learn to express opinions, discuss more complex topics, and understand longer and more abstract texts. Additionally, you will begin to master the use of idioms and more advanced phrases and enhance your writing skills. The main goal of the B1 level is to become more fluent in speaking and writing in German, as well as deepen your understanding of German culture more profoundly.

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