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Essential Idioms for IELTS Speaking Fluency

Do you want to achieve a high band score on your IELTS speaking test? Impressing the examiner with your fluency and vocabulary is essential. One way to stand out is to use idioms, which are expressions that add a native touch to your English. This guide will provide you with essential idioms that will improve your speaking skills while also demonstrating your understanding of advanced English.

“Once in a Blue Moon”

This idiom refers to something happening very rarely, almost never. Consider a blue moon, a very rare astronomical event, to understand how uncommon something is.
E.g. “Winning the lottery is a dream for most people; it only happens once in a blue moon.”

"Cross That Bridge When You Come to It"

This means that you shouldn’t worry about a problem until you have to deal with it. The “bridge” refers to the future difficulty, which you will face once you arrive.
E.g. “We don’t need to decide on a college major right now. Let’s focus on high school, and we can cross that bridge when you come to it.”

“Cry Over Spilled Milk”

This means don’t waste time worrying about something that has already occurred and cannot be changed. Spilled milk represents a past misfortune.
E.g. “The test is over, there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. Let’s focus on studying for the next one.”

“Go the Extra Mile”

This means putting in more effort than is required or expected. It is derived from the concept of going more than one mile when asked to do so.
E.g. “She always goes the extra mile for her friends, even offering to help them move on short notice.”

"Burn the Midnight Oil"

This means to work very late into the night. Imagine using oil lamps for light, and burning them through the night because you’re working so hard.
E.g. “The deadline is looming, so many students are burning the midnight oil to finish their projects.”

"Burn the Candle at Both Ends"

This idiom has a similar meaning to “burn the midnight oil,” but emphasizes the potential negative consequences. A candle burning at both ends gets used up quickly, just like someone who works too much can burn themselves out.
E.g. “He’s been working long hours every day for weeks. I’m worried he’s burning the candle at both ends and will get sick.”

Learning these idioms is a great way to boost your IELTS Speaking score. They’ll help you sound more natural and impress the examiner with your English fluency. So, start incorporating them into your everyday conversations and watch your confidence soar!

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