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What we do

Corporate Language

Magenta Language Academy offer corporate training in various languages based on your needs. Our expert will guide profesionals to the essentials key of communication success in business corporate. Today, we proudly say thay we had helped thousands of professional from various businesses that improved ther productivity through our tailored corporate training

Effective Communication

Our specialized corporate training helps professional to be able to speak and communicate clearly with various stakeholders form all around the world and expand your business networks

Increase Information

Having knowledge of the other languages will expose you ti various informatuin
that may broadeng your access
to data especially, in today's world

Upgrades Network

Without any dispute whatsoever, learning a foreign language widens the door to know more people. Because of people, generally trust you more if you can speak their language

Why Magenta

1. Programs according to company needs

Our program is designed for corporate business communications helping professionals to focus on important communication techniques in the business world

2. According to competency stand∂ards

Ensure the success of program through simulation over professional’s business communication  competence

3. Experienced more than 15 years

With more than 15 years experience, Magenta Language Academy has assist thousands of professional imrpved ther business communication in foreign languaege.